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[Pictures] Channel 3 Runway 2016


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Teaser of lakorn in this event

The Cupid Series

- Kammathep Hunsa | Toey Jarinporn - Boy Pakorn

- Kammathep Ork Suek | Cris Horwang - Punjan Parama

- Kammathep Online | Namtarn Pichukkana - Ken Phupoom

- Sorn Ruk Kammathep | Cheer Thikumporn - Toey Pongsakorn

- Loob Khom Kammathep | Wawwa Nicharee - Indy Intouch

- Kammathep Sorn Koln | Nicha Nattanicha - Tono Phakin

- Kammthep Prab Marn | Chompoo Araya - Ken Theeradetch

Kluen Cheewit | Yaya Urassaya - Mark Prin

Narkee | Taew Nataporn - Ken Phupoom

Buang Athitarn | Mark Prin - Patricia Good - Yard Yardthip

Nang Ay | Grate Warintorn - Nicha Nattanicha

Nang Tard | Poh Nuttawut - Yam Matira - Yard Yardthip - Woonsen Wirithipa

Bunlung Dok Mai | Mario Maurer - Toey Jarinporn

Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised | James Mar - Kim Kimberly

Leh Lub Salub Rarng | Nadech Kugimiya - Yaya Urassaya

Sai Lub Ruk Puan | Andrew Gregson - Ploy Chermarn


Angkorn | Ohm Atsha - Boom Supaporn


Bussaba Rae Fun | Mai Warit - Margie Rasri

Luerd Ruk Toranong | Pope Thanawat - Diana Flipo


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A lot of them looked really bad at this event. Majority of them can't pull off the darker lips and the dresses and hairstyles weren't flattering. I thought Yoghurt was prettiest of the bunch. Btw what's that lakorn with Top/Nychaa and Boy/Chirppy?

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haha its true the runway is too cheesy but I like the cheesiness bc at least theyre trying to do something different. the effort they put in is what counts even though the show is too far from perfection. lol

they should invest in the clothing more then perhaps everyone will look better.

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haha but everyone there is not professional models. so at least work on the clothing and even if they cant walk, at least in pictures everyone will turn out better. but here the clothing are whack and people are whack at cat-walking...so everyone looks corny hahaha

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This is a news clip about the show at 1:16 they mention a new series My Hero series starring Great, Boy, Toey, Top, Yam, Nachya, and i forgot the other two girls names but i know them. Does anyone have any info about this series. I dont think there is a thread for it yet in the lakorn section.

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