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[Video] Praek อ scandal


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Saw this while getting the link to the RS concert....thought it was Oil at first till I read the details. Apparently hes dating a naek right now, but also dating a halfie model. But also sleeping with a ton of naek and nang rais in the industry. It could be anyone with the names starting with O or A...because อ into english letters is A or O. The profile on sanook looke Alex... But maybe they just put a random profile on. The person who called in this news is the girl hes dating.


oops had to edit out different news lol

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They say hes the silent quiet type, and although he appears to be this way he hits on them all. Hes dating a naek right now, and she wants to claim ownership so she called in this news and asked the reporters to ask about her. But he has always denied and claim they are all just his sisters.

Isnt Om dating a girl from channel 3. Shes like a supporting actress, but the press refers to her as a naek

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