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  1. Thank you for the informations on DVD Ripping... but can someone tell me where I can find the ImTOO DVD Ripper SE Program please. Thank you.
  2. sorry, was looking for help, thought I'd asked under "help" topic.
  3. Aahhhh So no one can help me with this? So sad now Can I have a brave and kind soul upload for me pleaseeeeeeeee(where is the please smilies anyway? lol ) Is for good deed na ka, I need a copy for a monk na ja.
  4. HELPPPPPPP I need to copy/download one of VIP show Episode 42, from thaitv for a Monk regarding a Thai Monk and his Mother... can someone please help me. It would be greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  5. I didn't see the remakes, but saw the original one with Jintara and Chatchai version. The story is mainly about Jintara's life, from childhood all the way to her marriage to p'ek (Chatchai) and then their 4 or 5 kids, don't quite remember how many kids she got... which all evolved the changing of times with the rulers(Kings), and I believe within her life period there were 4 Monarch changed. And when her husband pass away, her kids all grow up, causes problems and other family issues/drama etc.
  6. Sometime is just a message, but if your ingore it and kept on clicking on the download link, eventually it will let you download, unless of course if you reached 1GB first, then you'd have to wait for next day. <_<
  7. Thank you for all the links Shampoo. But gosh, after reading thru all of them rules and programs and steps ... IT"S SO HARD ALREADY!
  8. Yes I would love to do it. But how to I do it, and what kind of program's' do I need in order for me to start subbing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :o
  9. If you have shout box, peoples will not wanted to post or comment on other threads. The site will be less active.
  10. I'm not a computer savy or anything, but how do you do subbing anyway? I remembered long time ago, I used to sat beside my sister in law and translated the whole lakorn for her as we were watching. Gosh by the time we ended the movie I lose my voice and was so tiresome since I have to get into action with the movie for her too. I wish I can sub some of the Thai movies for her.
  11. Oh I was asking about changing the time in here on the other thread, not sure if it would possible or not. I'm like 5hrs off on the post compare to my original time. Know what I mean?
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