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  1. If you want to join our chinese website pls follow steps 1 do you see the button" 注册 join us" on top of the right? then click it , it will pop out a window. 2 you will see some blank "用户å" means your website name, you can give yourself a name of this website. so input your name "Email" just input your email address "密ç " means password, create your password and input it. "确认密ç " means confirm your password again. just input your password again. "验è¯" , click the blank, and you will see some words or numbers, just input them according to what you see. Then you crea
  2. I am glad to tell everyone that I set up a Chinese fanclub website for Aumï¼ Yeahï¼ though there are Chinese words on it and maybe you can't understand, well we still welcome everyone! http://aumpatchrapa.5d6d.com/ Our website is still under establishing~~I will make it more beautiful and attractive. Welcomw
  3. Nowadays,Korean drama is not as popular as before in China too...we are bored to see the same structure of the story...always pure love...and we may call this kind of drama " innutritionous dramas".
  4. Yes!I also can't save them... last time I want to save Aum-Pei's lakorn pic...but they don't allow me to save them from the website..
  5. oh..I forget Shampoo,ahaha.....XOXO, Shampoo....
  6. Hello,Zoe,ahaha...can I speak Chinese to you??ahaha....ä½ å¥½å•Šï¼Ÿ Oh,Lalita, you metioned me,yeah! In fact, my name is the same as in sarnworld, but I speak more here!!ahaha.. I can DL clips from YT,while I just can't DL clips that need to be DL on other links...I don't know why. T-T.... And I go to all the spicy Channel everyday,ahaha to see if it is updated.... Thanks for all the clips you upload....XOXO,Sunny, Mai, Lalita!!
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