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  1. Happy birthday na ja

  2. Happy birthday naka

  3. Happy birthday na ja ;)

  4. April need to come faster. T_T

  5. Thank you naka :)

  6. Happy birthday!!!

  7. Happy birthday naka ;)

  8. Yeah that's me and Kwan last may. We hanging out at her ice cream shop lol

  9. I guess I'm being spy because of me and Kwan pic lol

  10. I know...congrats na ja. The most thanks in spicyforum. I get the most profile view in spicy right now 5555

  11. Wow 1,837 thanks woohoo ;)

  12. I been trying to add you but keep forgetting ;)

  13. Miss you too. Good to see around again na. Yep you a lot catch up with Kwan news and update pic lol

  14. Hi long no see na ;)

  15. Thank you ja ;)

  16. I though people wouldnt notice the pic was me and Kwan there lol

  17. Damn you good eyes lol

  18. It all good na ;)

  19. Hi, how are you been? Must busy like always lol just stoping by say Hi na

  20. Thank you ja for birthday wish ;)

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