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  1. I'm having a lakorn fever after Krating, just finished marathon of all lakorns on my hard disk but still not enough. Really wish Kwan lakorn will air soon.

    1. ooo


      Me too! I'm so excited for kwan's peks! Win and weir my 2 favorites with her!! We'll have to wait next year but I hope more bts soon!

    2. myasally


      lol, now i need to find more lakorns but it really hard to find one good lakorn nowadays

  2. Hate the feeling of failing when you done your best but still you can't blame anyone else but yourself, should I cry?

    1. Maiko


      I know that feeling...T_T Sorry that you failed...sometimes crying makes it better, but then again, no need to waste tears on something so small...you did your best, anyway. :) Just improve yourself for the next time. :')

  3. 23rd plzz come quickly so my head can rest

  4. If the words are offensive to you then why use it to other people...Use ur brain a bit, i'm not asking much..

    1. Kimix


      aww this hits the spot. :) I agree. :)

  5. Continuing work from long holiday...

    1. suk13_karn


      You off for how long 1 or 2 weeks? it will be lazy to start work from long holiday ha...ha..me only 5 days off,last Tuesday start feel so lazy ha..haa

    2. myasally


      I starts from 7/8 till tomorrow...I had to beg my boss and all my college is pushing me...so why not..

  6. Shopping..shopping..shopping... gosh, somebody needs to slap me!

  7. WTH! Its already end of march!! It just like march didn't exist for me.....

    1. suk13_karn


      yea the time fly really fast...is like i have no enough time to do my work, like already gone one day and my work haven't finish...please need longer day...

    2. Sunny


      I'm so scared of the time going to quick everyday :(

    3. myasally


      i only realize it gone when i get my pay for this month....it is really scary!!!

  8. March going to be month full of tiredness..arghhhh

  9. Hope I will stay stronger always and Never Give up...

  10. Being a leader is an easy target to be hated on...Suck!!

    1. Sunny


      tell us about it! lol!!

    2. myasally


      heheh...I see you manage it well sunny

  11. Starting A new job always a challenge..just hope this will get better

  12. HBD jaa...all happiness to you!

  13. Happy birthday!!!

  14. Happy Birthday & Selamat Hari Raya..

  15. My work is killing me

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