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    • Happy 14th Birthday to Spicy!!! I Miss coming to this forum everyday now and  it seems like I haven't been active like I used too. Glad to see this forum still standing otherwise I would be going to asianfuse which I haven't post there for awhile because I don't remember my password. 
    • @tEaRdRoP no I’m def into Internet lol I just mean like fantasies of other men like I really enjoyed the lakorn w bella n pope but I couldn’t picture / imagine myself as the Nek and have pek u know? Like I ain’t get all jilted and jittery about it like I did before lol &thanks sunny for the kind words ^_^   but seriously a little reunion would be nice everyone have web cam now so we can all do web cam n be in spicy or something lol I remember natty ? Did a radio hosting one time at spicy lol right? Lol 
    • Nalee:  U mean you're not a internet junky?  Wah? Sunny:  Hmmm I guess you can have Oil and Push to yourself.  Naughty girl
    • And I remain in the single-hood.. hey does that mean I can have Oil & Push to myself? You fit in the category of success in marriage This is not much fun with the forum calming down haha And I think its natural, we just grow up now and have no time for such issue and dramas (in another way, OLD)
      I already spent a good 10 years fighting, its time to kind of retire in that drama world and just enjoy the cool flow, real and happier (lonely) times, drama is still welcome but not personal anymore, just others drama like @passionalee said. That's a wonderful idea, I will be here but not sure if anyone wants to make the effort haha. Have an imaginary cocktail and disco lights lol it would be the greatest fun if we can all get together face to face like High School reunion but we just seem to grow and learn together but being miles away from one another. I wouldn't know how my life would be now without this forum, if I didn't spent time growing up with you guys, learn to spell, learn to post and research, analysis series, Thai lakorns embedded the Thai culture and tradition in me growing up in the Western world but still maintain my Thai roots. I think Spicy has contributed a lot to how I turn out and matured online and some in real life. Maybe without this forum I would be out with friends and become so Western haha or I would just be a lurking internet junky else where, and I can't picture that! haha.
    • OMG, has it been that long?! Happiest birthday to Spicy! I remember joining this forum back in 2007!!! So long ago    I hope this forum stays on for 50 more years from now lol. Though I'm not around much anymore but I know I can always come back and feel like I've never left. Grew up with this forum, been through all the dramas and crazy shenanigans here LOL #goodoldtimes Though I think the forum has calm down now 
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