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    • Aw happy 15annvisary to us spicy lovers! This is def my longest relationship!!!(: here’s to many many more! 
    • 15 years.. wow.. the longest FORUM I've been a part of and still do. Sometimes I just come read lol like @Sunnymention it's our library. My spicy family. I loooove you guys. Happy anniversary. I hope this forum still be around.  I'm not going nowhere.  I've been a part since my early 20s, a mom and now a soccer mom lol I hope it still around for our kids that love thai entertainment.  My daughter will , I will make her sit through a lakorn or any series its doesn't have to be thai.  Make her an addict like me. ..( if I have a daughter lol.  ) I have 2 preteens son. No luck there lmaooooo.. happy anniversary SPICY 
    • Happy Birthday to Us all.
      I don't have many things to say, I say it every year. I just want to say Thank You.
      I don't know how old Spicy will reach, I never even imagine reaching 15 years.
      It's a commitment I didn't think will go on for this long, through the high and low. I'm grateful to everybody who has stick around and those that have been around for a very long time too but is shy.
      Thank you and let's enjoy the aging days of being more at peace with one another, enjoying the life, the entertainment, the fun part. Spicy is like a library to me, it holds so much memory, so much data collection, flashbacks, I also gain knowledge that I didn't in real life school. Thank you everyone.
    • No it’s always on remember me lol I just thought w the new update they trying to protect my username so it helps me log off automatically becus an Acquaintance of mine from SW FORUM said that her username was mixed up w another cus she kept hers logged in and something happen and she was commenting on this other persons username while she was logged in as hers LOL and I remember that other admin that helps u is also admin there? So I thought made he did it lol  But really I just wanna make sure my phones not acting up cus sometimes iPhone sucks lmaoooo 
    • This one I'm not sure, because this hasn't happened to me. Maybe you didn't click the 'remember me' box? because that would keep logging you out after you leave and have to log in again since that option was not enable.  
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