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  1. I must not want to get paid... ugh... hate doing timesheet. *err*

    1. Sunny


      Fighting! I hate timesheets too but got to do it :i29:

    2. Kate562


      I have a bad habit of filling out my timesheet at the end of the week. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming when we get busy on Friday and I have to rush it. 

    3. shampoo


      Lol don’t work for free. 

  2. Does the layout looks different for everyone?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sunny


      I'm playing around with colour scheme at the moment. It shall be fun. *hehe*

    3. Kate562


      The new layout look nice!

    4. Sunny


      Thank you! I will just settle with the colours like this. Until next year when we have to update again. :angry: I swear they do this so they can make money lol.

  3. 4 more days until Christmas!! 

    1. Sunny


      Very very fast! Take care you all :368959bc81nd29tx:

    2. kjc1994


      Yes, enjoy ladies! I just made it back to see my parents! Don’t have to teach until 2021 *incnt* so relaxing. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe my online family! *hugs*

    3. Kate562


      Yeah this year is going pretty fast. Hope you ladies have a wonderful and safe holidays!!! :368959bc81nd29tx:

  4. That shooting in Korat is horrible! @SunnyI hope you’re safe in Thailand!

    1. Sunny


      Thank you kindly, I actually flew home on that very night it happened and back home when he was shot dead. Just resting from my trip and should be back into Spicy soon. :wub: Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    2. LyLy


      I'm glad your home safe.  #prayforkorat.  That has to be the deadliest mass shooting in decades.

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