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Hi guys,

My apologise I was away on holiday for awhile and did not realise the forum had trouble with replying and everything with loading until a few days ago so I got Admin Darvil to help fix. We had lost all contents after September 23rd. So sorry about this.

Right now the forum has been fixed but I need to update the forum's layout I think because we have also upgraded to next version so there may be missing stuff or stuff that looks out of place randomly. :i29:

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14 hours ago, Sunny said:

This one I'm not sure, because this hasn't happened to me. Maybe you didn't click the 'remember me' box? because that would keep logging you out after you leave and have to log in again since that option was not enable.


No it’s always on remember me lol I just thought w the new update they trying to protect my username so it helps me log off automatically becus an Acquaintance of mine from SW FORUM said that her username was mixed up w another cus she kept hers logged in and something happen and she was commenting on this other persons username while she was logged in as hers LOL and I remember that other admin that helps u is also admin there? So I thought made he did it lol 

But really I just wanna make sure my phones not acting up cus sometimes iPhone sucks lmaoooo 

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Ok, I've played around with the new theme and right now I'm just going to settle with this because getting tired and anything else I'll fix and do another time lol

I also added new hooks and plugins and is able to bring back the HIDE content again which is great but I don't think anyone cares about it anymore *ha-ha*

The plugins that I installed in this version is you can preview topics before entering to see what the first topic comment say and also what the latest comment say.

I have also added a separator between the pinned topics and unpinned topics to make it look less messy lol


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I have come to realize that the forum skin will adjust its colour depending on night and day. Wow some tech stuff these days. I was doing the skin last night and everything was dark to me, now its day time it seems the skin and background have become more colourful.

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