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HI EVERYONE! I am advertising a forum for my lovely P'Nueng!

This a forum for a group in Korea. They started off with 13 but 3 got eliminated.

Right now there are only 10. Some of u may noe of a guy named Nichkhun? He's half Thai chinese and was born in LA. He is in this group. If you guys wanna know more you can join the forum. It's a friendly environment.



Before you judge you should watch some of their performances na.

1. everytime tha beat drop -monica feat. dem franchize boyz, Ice Box- Omarion, Yeah- Usher


2. continued and then a ballad song


3. Gimme that & Sexy Back




5. khunnie. HURRICANE



1. [CF] BSC Ice Shock - NichKhun


2. [CF] Wall's Cornetto Royale - NichKhun



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hahah that guy Jaebum his vocal is good and his rapping is just as good. Read that he's a suppose rapper? Great vocalist.

All of them are not sync with each other. lol One is strong and the other is not. It's bad.

hahahah Nick Khun's rapping is not bad lmao his vocal needs improvement though, I don't like his voal honestly hahah maybe it's just the song he sang.

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lol, he told a friend that the whole bootcamp thing was the worst experience in his life...and at that time, back in the fall, he didn't know what was going on with the debut or what not Shamp. He told friends that maybe he'll just quit and come back to the states. lol...this was a while back. Of course he would stay now, since things are going well for him. ^^ He's a sweetheart though..who is mad talented when it comes to dancing, especially breaking.

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aww yeah bootcamp must be hard. Nick Khun got a room by his self though. *rll* While the other have to shared, seems like it. lol

yeah it's good that he stayed. lol At least he's got talent. hahaha Very nice credit you're giving him there. lol I want to meet him.

oh I'm going to Hollywood Bowl. lol

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Yeah, he's a really nice and sweet guy. ^^

Hollywood bowl, huh? I don't think I'm going...I don't really see anyone I really like going this year. Heck, I didn't even go last year when Big Bang went. *cries*....well, maybe I'll go if some people I know go. Hope you have fun Shamp! ;) Who are you going for this year anyway? Favorite singer/band?

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I don't have anyone I particularly like. :P But I'm just exciting going to LA. *umm* I'm going with my sisters, they like DBSK. *shy* I like some people in Super Junior but then the person I like is not even going. Heck, I'll just go for fun and LA. *err* I've been to Cali but not LA part so I sure want to go. lol

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since I'm able to post here again, lol. Hope you have fun at the concert Shamp! I don't really like anyone who is going. Not head over heels in love with a particular artist to spend money and go. haha.

However, if the JYP boys went, I would...since Taek (my new love *rll*) can speak english fluently. And plus to see Jay no doubt. Wanna meet Khun as well, since he seems nice...along with the other guys, but Taek is my fav. *ha5*

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*ha5* Junsu, JoKwon, SeulOng, Daehun (bowl cut hair guy *rll*...totally don't dig his hair) all have good vocals. Amazing actually. hehe.

As for dancing and rapping gotta give it up to Jay. ^^

Taek is just my favorite for his personality and rapping. lol. Khun is just a cutie, but I'm not sprung or in "love" with him like some girls are.

They actually need to work some more on their syncing sometimes. During their dance performances, you can tell some of them are off, but it's okay...I'm sure within time they will get much, much better. It's JYP Entertainment afterall. The big guy knows what he's doing.

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