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  1. new link ja http://hbfambam.com/forum/index.php?act=idx
  2. it's about becoming a band ja. Yes it was funnie poor khunnie had to do it like 3 times or so. His was the only rap in english too <3
  3. LOL. They're doing a documentary thingy and it's called new blood ja. Theres a mixture of korean chinese and a thai person. The blood is representing them.
  4. HI EVERYONE! I am advertising a forum for my lovely P'Nueng! This a forum for a group in Korea. They started off with 13 but 3 got eliminated. Right now there are only 10. Some of u may noe of a guy named Nichkhun? He's half Thai chinese and was born in LA. He is in this group. If you guys wanna know more you can join the forum. It's a friendly environment. CLICK ON PICTURE TO FORUM Before you judge you should watch some of their performances na. 1. everytime tha beat drop -monica feat. dem franchize boyz, Ice Box- Omarion, Yeah- Usher http://youtube.com/watch?v=m6mRTpP-_cw&fea
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