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  1. Lol, I don't follow, follow them on twitter. I go to see their photos if they have any posted. Their twitter updates can be a bit too much. Nowadays it's so hard for me to be interested in lakorns. I'm only watching 2 at the moment and 1 of the 2 I ff like crazy. As for entertainment news, there's really nothing interesting. Maybe I am losing interest in general.
  2. I know what you mean Shamp! After not reading some thai after a while, I tend to forget hahaha..so I just read some of my fav thai celebs twitter updates. That's my new form of entertainment lmao.
  3. Yeah, I agree Sunny. I only watch lakorns if only my favs in it, but in all honesty, I couldn't even watch Noon's last lakorn w/New because the storyline was just stupid. Quality in lakorns have gone down in the past couple of years. I don't even think I watch any of ch7 lakorns anymore unless the storyline is catchy and has my fav people in it. Besides that, ch3 lakorns have better quality in my opinion.
  4. I come to look at thai celeb photos and read updates on thai lakorns, lol. But I really have been busy w/my life and school. People weren't joking about it being tough as a nursing major. As with age comes more priorities, so I no longer have all the time in the world to sit in front of a computer and do what I used to do back then, graphics and summaries which I do miss. Teardrop is right though, some of us have been so caught up w/other things in our lives. But I still come by spicy of course to see what gossip there is, lol. Oh, and lakorns have not been that great in these past few year
  5. lol Shamp. I try to keep up with what I can since I'm so busy. I'm about to get a 2nd job. Part-time though...at Abercrombie as the in-store model..but I'm still doing my full time job as a medical bill analyst..as well as going to college. -__-" So I don't really get to spam with you girls often! <_< edit: and the girls at the other forums such as Soompi and the Hotblood forums...they post fast too! LOL...>.<
  6. lol! Well, TOP is still hotter. <_< Taek is there for my adornment. (if that's even a word) hahaha. But I just adore him. edit: And yes, TOP's voice is really deep. LOVE it!
  7. His smile is charming. His voice is deep as well....I guess I like guys with a deeper voice. And you're right, TOP doesn't really have too much confidence. LOL. It's okay, babe will be okay...he has me still! <_<
  8. I'll tell TOP tonight about Taek then...hahaha!!.....I still love him, just adore Taek as well. Something about him caught my attention. <_< And yeah, see if you can find a picture or clip of them. Taek is like 1-2 inches taller or so. But they're very close in height. Maybe if I get the chance I'll find the pic for you!
  9. hehe...ja. I follow this group. Come on, my bf is in it! Taek! <_< Just don't tell TOP I'm dating someone else na. And Taek is taller than Khun, Shamp.
  10. Actually...Jay is the short one Shamp! ... Taek and Khun along with the rest are pretty tall. Have you checked the stats of their height? <_< I don't remember them all, but they're pretty tall to me. Just Jay, Junsu, and JoKwon who are pretty short.
  11. Junsu, JoKwon, SeulOng, Daehun (bowl cut hair guy ...totally don't dig his hair) all have good vocals. Amazing actually. hehe. As for dancing and rapping gotta give it up to Jay. ^^ Taek is just my favorite for his personality and rapping. lol. Khun is just a cutie, but I'm not sprung or in "love" with him like some girls are. They actually need to work some more on their syncing sometimes. During their dance performances, you can tell some of them are off, but it's okay...I'm sure within time they will get much, much better. It's JYP Entertainment afterall. The big guy knows what he's doin
  12. since I'm able to post here again, lol. Hope you have fun at the concert Shamp! I don't really like anyone who is going. Not head over heels in love with a particular artist to spend money and go. haha. However, if the JYP boys went, I would...since Taek (my new love ) can speak english fluently. And plus to see Jay no doubt. Wanna meet Khun as well, since he seems nice...along with the other guys, but Taek is my fav.
  13. Yeah, he's a really nice and sweet guy. ^^ Hollywood bowl, huh? I don't think I'm going...I don't really see anyone I really like going this year. Heck, I didn't even go last year when Big Bang went. ....well, maybe I'll go if some people I know go. Hope you have fun Shamp! ;) Who are you going for this year anyway? Favorite singer/band?
  14. lol, he told a friend that the whole bootcamp thing was the worst experience in his life...and at that time, back in the fall, he didn't know what was going on with the debut or what not Shamp. He told friends that maybe he'll just quit and come back to the states. lol...this was a while back. Of course he would stay now, since things are going well for him. ^^ He's a sweetheart though..who is mad talented when it comes to dancing, especially breaking.
  15. aww =) Jayyy! I have a friend who knows him. lol. Very sweet guy. He was close to even quitting and coming back to Washington.
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