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oil thana

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*gg* Notice any threads relating Oil's lakorn its ALWAYS over 100 pages and sometimes Aum's lakorn too, if she starred with a hunk but most cases not, however still, this forum even if there are of others as well, it is purly on Oil Thana & Aum Patchrapa at the end of the day lol.

Just follow Mai, Amp & I around :( or follow threads which are colour red in other forums that is not Oil-Aum forum *rxl*

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*rxl*  it's not hard to find out anything about OIl and Aum in this forum

*ioi* .. i think so too since we don't have that many strict rule when come to off topic .. *rxl* BESIDE ..i can't read thai, so i stick to english forum of thai stuff *rxl*

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