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  1. What you talking about mai my only user name is orchid heavenly_aom is someone else not me.
  2. Summer vacation is coming soon for me so I will not be active during those time because i am visiting family in Australia and Cambodia. I am telling because I didn't want to have my status change or deleted from the forum because i was inactive. Basically I have no internet connection for the next 3-4 months. Praying I am still here when I get back
  3. yeah its the one with Tui, Chakrit, Fluke, and Oum they are all in it and its a Boran Lakorn.
  4. Cool i would love to learn some new language and speak and understand what people are saying around me. I am part chinese but i don't understand it. Hope this site will be perfect for me to learn.
  5. Thanks for the forum i will try it out as soon as i am done learning new info here at spicy.
  6. thanks for the site i'll check it out love him.

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