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Nadech looks like shit! I'm pretty disappointed in his look considering he's wearing tom ford. But the whole look and his hair is a no! He looked like he just woke up. Yaya's more glam now.

I like this pic she posted, super glam!


I saw a pic earlier of Sammy where the angle of her plunging neckline looked like her ass was on her chest ahhahaha I'll have to find it later but damn she's daring.

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Congratulations to Nadech for winning Best Leading Actor for lakorn Tarm Rak Kuen Jai and Popular Vote Actor and to Yaya for winning Popular Vote Actress. Love Yaya's look last night. She's stunning.


Cr. urassayas (Wonder did Nadech take this pic for her)



Cr. on pic.

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Yaya really killed it! Her hair had way more volume when she first got it done but it didn't hold up for the rest of the night. Her hair is too thin she needs to add some weave for volume hahaha

I'm not liking this re-emergence of tono's popularity. He's annoying. Especially during his interviews he tries to come off like he's an enlightened victim... I don't understand why he's so dramatic.

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