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  1. who is in for a collaboration Matt and Mario ?

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    2. Visay


      matt looks a lot older than mario noy good idea collaboration but as siblings in a movie or lakorn would be great

    3. sarah


      Yes she looks older even though she is younger but some actor needs to get out of their comfort zone

    4. sarah


      @Ash no it is not a vid. I am just asking to know people view about this pair. If it can be possible I would like to see them as a pair/partner/colleagues in a detective lakorn like some good mystery jdramas I have seen before

  2. After finishing the light and friendship oriented drama Ruk Toong Um I have rewatched Bodyguard Sao one of bes lakorn of 2013 with the queen of acting of channel7 Sammy Bunthita after several viewing she and Es get me with their acting and chemistry. the actor playing the baddie cousin is very good too and the character funny sometimes in his lack of empathy

  3. watching Ruk Toong Um for the first time and again Matt Peeranee actinng is legit. This girl eyes speak and she can pass from funny, lively and childish to deph, seriousness and sadness with flying colors. So far I love everyone acting there. I can't wait for Matt next lakorns this year

    1. Kulab


      Matt is such a talented and capable actress. Dare I say, she's the best of her generation and I think she even surpasses some older generation actresses too.

    2. sarah


      have you watched it ? I love how all of characters value friendship here. it is light and nice

    3. catchingupwithlakorns


      Matt deserves so much recognition but it seems like she doesn't get much :(

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