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[Pictures] Kwan & Golf return


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OMG! I totally ship them together! I shipped them then and I totally ship them now. After almost a decade...though. Both have been through ups and downs, plenty of relationships in between. Wow! They've both grown up.

I don't know if they're going to reconcile or not or last or just stay as friends, but I've always loved stories with history.

I still remember translating articles about them. Haha. How people in the industry used to tease them and they used secret codes or language when they were referring to one another because both were still so young and couldn't come out with their relationship.

And I still remember their horrible break up. Lol It was during the filming of Pbom Ruk Roy Adeet when Kwan was beefing with both Poo Praiya and Poo Mantana. Poo Praiya because Poo was playing second to Kwan when she obviously didn't think she should have and then Poo Mantana because Kwan was being disrespectful and not wai her or have manners towards her. Poos were bullying Kwan or so Kwan's story to boyfriend Golf and Golf defended Kwan and did some stupid stuff to Poo Mantana and Poo eventually elevated it to the elders and things got blown up. We don't know what exactly transpired or what led to the actual breakup but one moment, we heard that Golf was on set harassing Poo Mantana and then the next Golf and Kwan broke up. I still remember watching Kwan. She was pretty heart broken. She kept saying she'll wait for him at the same place.

Man, history. I miss them. Haha. Time flies and life has happened so much in between. Lol

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Ive also heard the rumor someone told golf that kwan flirt with Apasra Hongsakul s son . Apasra used to like kwan very much,praised kwan in the media,accepted magazine interview with kwan,and often let her son send food to kwan during the filming of PRRA. Oneday she let her son took kwan to the hospital,and golf also went to the crew that day.Then they broken up.

About Poo Mantana, she said to the media can't stand kwan anymore. She said kwan went to the set very late, long telephone conversation, eat and watch tv during working time.The most important thing is she has no respect for everyone.

I still remember she said kwan so horrible. I don't know if this is exactly true,but fortunately she is not trouble marker now.

She becomes more and more mature steady.

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What does golf's ig post say? It was pretty funny when woody asked Kwan if they ended things good back then, she gave him the look like do you think it ended good, we stopped talking altogether lol

"Its a big world and its hard for two people to meet. Its even harder for two people to meet again. So cherish them and don't lose them."

Yeah I think they're definitely back together. In one of Golf's picture where he posted a pic of him during his ordination, like he tagged all his fc and family and then there's kwan lol. Then in another picture where he posted on may 12 a picture of a bowl of ice cream and then I went to go look at kwan IG and she posted a similar picture with the same bowl same day lol. I should have known something was up since the day she showed up at his ordination. I thought that was random and unsuspected but now it all makes sense lol

Oh the video up there said everything i said about tagging and icecream date hahaha. Well I'm gonna go follow those IG that GK is following hahaha

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