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  1. Kim, Yaya and James Ma are so so cute. I wouldn't be mad if Kim dumped Mark for James ??, they are adorable together?. Now I want to see them in another lakorn together ?

  2. Call me cynical and pessimistic but Mint showing up and Kim's dad funeral is just a PR stunt. Those two are not friends and I doubt anything has chanced between them. It's just the polite thing to do, I have no idea why some of her fans are praising her so much for it.

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    2. Kimix


      hahahaha. goes to show mint still wants to hit up and be included in the kim/mark/yaya gang lol jkjk I was a bit stunned myself..but Im sure she didnt do it for attention. cuz, deep down, the rooted cause of their problem was out of jealousy from mint's side lol so they have learned a great deal and moved on. even ch3 bosses came to show respect! kimmy's dad is still so young.

    3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      I don't have a problem with Mint going to the funeral. Just in case that is how my previous post came off lol. I just thought it was strange that people were praising her so much for something that everyone else who attended the funeral was doing.

      I honestly hope both girls have grown, and even though their relationship isn't the same anymore... I hope they no longer are resentful towards one another.

    4. Pikachu


      Yeah KhoOnx you sum up my feelings 100% I don't mind that she went, what I'm criticising is the over the top response to her doing something that everyone else did.

  3. Does anyone have details of what happened between Mark, Taew, Om and Mew? Apparently their bodyguard attacked someone in a club. Also why was Mark there and not with Kimmy at her dad's funeral? Anne was there.

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    2. nina7


      It was one of the girls who's part of the cast in their lakorn, she plays rai in Nakee as well, but her bf is the one who was in a fight but for some reason the media is including Mark, Taew and Mew's names in randomly for more attention which is dumb

    3. nina7


      And it was confirmed by taew and mark's managements that they had nothing to do with it

    4. cookie_king1970


      Kimberly's dad passed away? When?

  4. RIP Kimberley's dad. He was the only parent in her life. She must be so devasted. Sending love and prayers to her and her family during this difficult time.

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    2. Sunny


      It seems like many fathers of celebs or a father celeb are passing away this year :( RIP.

    3. icebe


      So close to Christmas. RIP

    4. nina7


      Omg. Has he been sick for a while or was this all just too soon? So sad especially since her dad has been there for her as a parent the most. RIP.

  5. omg what's this I'm hearing about Kwan and Golf? Kwan's family seem so annoying. Every time's there's an issue they always make it public.

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