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[Pictures] Cannes Film Festival


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lol there is a cast of this Chinese movie that was scheduled to walk on red carpet, but the staff must have messed up the schedule, they ended up going back to the hotel even though they were all dressed up and ready for the red carpet LOL

This actually sucks! I feel bad for them. It was for Time Raiders, which had my dearest Jing Boran *shy* Random but.. if y'all didn't know, he and Ni Ni are a couple *kisses* .

Jing Boran did walk the red carpet though. Just not on the opening day because there was a mishap.

Looking very sharp in his suit. Too bad he didn't walk with Ni Ni. It'd have been really hot if they did.


She doesn't look good on day 3 either. You know what I find really annoying. The Queen of Cannes tag associated with Chompoo. Like seriously! Such a conceited and self given title. Lol

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https://instagram.com/p/BFZ4i86n09Z/ She doesn't understand the question being asked lol. Like she gives this lengthy answer but doesn't answer the question of what worth it means to her, is she worth it? Her English has a very thick Asian accent too

Interviewer: What does worth it mean to you?

Chom: What does worth it mean to me?

Interviewer: When you say I'm worth it

Chom: I think that everybody has a story behind, you know every girl, you know...wherever you are, whichever position you are standing now, you have earned it, you have walked your way. So you always choose the best thing for you because its not easy to become who you are now, so its worth it. You know...pick the best thing for you.

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It took me a while to understand the two parts where she mentions to pick thr best thing for you. I get what she means but just the way she puts her sentences toghetr makes no sense. She's trying to say she's worth it because she worked hard to become who she is today so she's going to chose the best for herself because she's worth it.

Instead she's like it's worth it, not she's worth it lol

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lol bc chompoo prob sees herself as the real "inter" girl lmaoooo the thais are always obsessed with going "inter" so once they have a big break through, they're so thick skinned. chompoo is as thick skin as ever! she's so full of herself. SO VAIN!!!

maybe she's so vain cuz she thinks she's the "ONLY" thai star to make it so big! lol

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the question for me is why l'oréal still take her us their thai ambassador , i think yaya would be a better better choice for sure i'm not her fan but no one can deny that she has the qualities to represent thailand internationally or even mai too can do , i don't know why they can't see chompoo failed in that area , thai have weird standards

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Funny how the international fans think so differently frrom Thailand.,

Freaken hahahha i cant stop laughing. She looks crazy here like she's not all there


lol in that clip, even the whites dont flaunt as heavily as she does. i think some of the photographers dont even care about taking her pictures lol

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