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Jr said that he can't participate because he developed a really bad sinus issue with his allergies. Too bad, jr was my crush. But he looks awful now ahhahah I would throw down for this concert. They got nancy and earn too. I wish raffey came coz he and nacy had some good hits. They need momay, I don't know why momay isn't here. Even dome and James who left are back.

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Out of all the girls back in the days, I liked Momay best. She does go to the concerts to support them though just never been part of the concerts.

anyway pics from the press conference


hopefully what theyre wearing is an indication of the concert theme. Hate to see Lift and Oil look like clowns again

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I know she wasnt a part of the next or x venture, but what if they brought back pookie! Ahhahaha that girl needs some money and a therapist ahhahaha but she had hits too. You never know, they said there are still more people who are part of it but they just couldn't make it to the press con.

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Momay was a guest in James's concert along with Aon. Man, I loved Aon so much back then. I just rewatched the concert the other night and cried. The slow songs brought Back so many memories.

Anyways, I hope Raffy surprise us at this concert or Korrapin or Fourth. Miss them.

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  • Sunny changed the title to RS: The Next Venture Concert 2016

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