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Summer vacation is coming soon for me so I will not be active during those time because i am visiting family in Australia and Cambodia. I am telling because I didn't want to have my status change or deleted from the forum because i was inactive. Basically I have no internet connection for the next 3-4 months.

*hihe**muha* Praying I am still here when I get back

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Hey I am going on a trip to Australia too maybe we might actually meet each other orchid Hehe.

Well I won't be gone for three months but I probably won't be loging in until probably August becasue no internet connection plus relatives will be visiting my family in America after i come back from the trip.

Well I guess i just have to come back and read all the Thai entertainment news that I will be missing during those time to catch up.

Hmm I 'm thinking it will probably be alot becasue of you active people.

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Getting a pm is no bother. If every single member started thread in the annoucments forum when they go on holidays, imagine 200 threads on people going missing.

*czy* most of the time when people say they're going ot be gone for 3-4 months, they dont come back. It's a trend. We'll change ur status if we have to, but you can regain it once you return, if wont matter for the time ur gone nways.

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