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[Attention] To the Admins

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can't help you there na ja Sunny.

anyway, if only people are active, I would be nice to translate songs for them. :rolleyes:

does this mean you're willing to translate songs shamp? teehee XD..

& sunny, i keep forgetting there's a "thanks" button here lol..

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These days us admins & staffs (do we have staffs anymore? *lol!* ) haven't been around lately so the forum is a little bit messy so this thread is dedicated to any members who will gladly help remind us on what is airing so we can pin lakorn threads, what has ended so we can move/unpin etc etc or even remind us to fix a particular topic title, add in or remove. The photos section however, i don't think I can keep up with pinning and unpinning so often, so I'll just pin the current month

updates... please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/18744-ch7-paragit-ruk-series-1-niew-hua-jai-sood-glai-puen-pordeecom/?page=6 http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20908-ch3-the-cupid-sries-kammathep-prab-marn-broadcast-thai-television/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21904-onehd-sanaeha-diary-series-buang-sanaeha/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21128-workpoint-yuttakarn-salud-nor-montage-entertainment/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21898-gmm25-club-friday-the-ser

On Air, please Pin   

CH5 is airing a usually Friday lakorn "Sen...Seu Ruk Seu Winyarn" at the Mon-Thu slots also, as a temp solution for the delay of "Kulap Satan".

Yea it has been airing for many years so I think that's why we never really put it in the airing slot, I think we stopped after a while *dunno* Just like how we used to put in sitcom such as Pentor and Bang Ruk Soi 9 but we took it out as it was a long-running thing forever *lol!*

Oh I think Shamp meant she'll translate if those members that requested were active members and contribute to the forum, not 1-2 posts and request, we don't often to request for members who does nothing *duh*

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How come Captain is the only one who has no color. His lakorn with Bee Namthip is airing ATM too. Is it because we hardly update on him? *em:P* Lol I actually rather have Captain thread be in blue with Kob and Num instead of with Tik and Aom. I think Tik should be in green cause green resembles nature and Tik likes nature. Just a suggestion

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Once you've reach over 1000 posts there are no more colour changing unless you change status to mod, VIP, staff or admin *lol!*

Thip and tinah are ultimate members and both have more than 5000 posts. They're a different colour to me, so I think when I reach 5000 posts, I'll change to their colour. That's what I hope!

buahahaahahahah!!!! LOL I hope to reach that limit too. LOL

I've been a dark blue for too LONG!!! LOL :omg5:

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Sorry I've decided on the colours so it stays.

UHT, Captain and Mew & Willy has black, that is also a colour na *em:P* I think we're running out of colours that's all, I'll think about it and see what other colour options we have......

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