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[Attention] To the Admins


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Can the admin add the company name to this thread. The company name is Pasangyasorn....I'm not to sure so here the company name in Thai so ya can read and make sure ( ป๊าสั่ง ย่าสอน )



Also can admin merge these two topic together. They are the same.

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Hi admins,

Can you please add Masquerade as the production for the lakorn Peek Mongkut? Ninja mentioned it in the thread, but I thought I'd let you all know here.


I think this drama has already been aired on the Media cable channel, so you can move it. I'm not even sure who the pra'nangs were. Ninja also posted the opening title in the thread. I thought you might want to move this to clear out some of the threads in the lakorn section. :)


Lastly, it seems there are two threads for Kaen Sanae Ha. Did you want to combine them, or delete one?



Thank you and sorry to bother you, admins.

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Can the admin pin and move and add name to these threads.

Please pin this lakorn. It air June 5, 2013


Please move this into the finish section. It finish May 30, 2013


Please add New Wongsakorn & Pooklook Fonthip to this thread.


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Hi admins,

I'm really sorry, I made a mistake earlier when I asked for you to put the production company for Kaen Sanae Ha as Quiz and Quest, when it's supposed to be Who & Who, as See wrote in the thread! AIYA! Getting old and confusing production companies. Sorry again!!


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Whoops, I made a mistake in one of my post by duplicating pictures twice in the same post. :o Sorry, my bad, didn't realize it at the time. Can one of the admin edit my top post on page 6 of Sood Sai Paan's thread? By deleting the duplicated pictures and credits and texts, please?


Thank you! :)

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