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Wow if anyone hadn't notice dootv posts their lakorns now one hour earlier than regular... not sure if one hour or two hours earlier but I've been checking out one hour earlier than before and its there. Normally JSRS will update at 1am here but now its midnight, while like Prime Time lakorns are updated at 4am here its now 3am, WOW thats great I can record evening lakorns even earlier and get my sleep ^^ Daylight savings will at least be less painful, back to 1am and 4am LOL but better than 2am and 5am *yawn*

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i was wondering how do you guys download the flash from dootv? what program do you use?

i've switched over as thaitv has pretty much dwindled down to almost nothing now, i usually use orbitz but for some reason it can't locate the embedded flash file to be downloaded


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not sure if all you guys have known this "trick".

dootv now compresses all video clips to a 16:9 ratio, in spite of the original ratio is 4:3 in most cases. Guess they do so to "fit in" to the youtube player window (which is really stupid...).

Anyway the downloaded clips will be very "fat". So here's the easy way to recover it.

use "flv converter" software (you can easily find it online, open sources, around 5M installation file), choose "convert to MP4", use the setting "4:3 screeen ratio" and a proper video bitrate (for most cases, a 1Mbps bitrate is good enough, cuz most video they record are with this bitrate or even lower. Then convert it.

The converted file will be about 2 times bigger thought, mainly due to the format difference between flv and mp4, but you can compress it into your desired format later with other tools.

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Really? I thought it was big because dootv is also flv while youtube is also flv that's why it fits LOL

Anyways yea the double converting and such is time consuming, back than with wmv it takes less than 5 mins, now its like 10-15 mins, errr depending on how big you save it too.

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You don't have to convert it if the file is less than 15 mins lol but MOST of the times the file is over an hour and we have to cut it. If you cut it and save it as FLV, once upload onto youtube the sound do not sync for some freaken reason that I don't get, so I have to convert it into something else like MP4, MPEG, WMV etc that is not FLV. I've tried it all and the best result I've got is MPEG.

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