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    oh noooo sunny, it looks so weird on my screen, they haven't forced my channels to change (yet...)
  2. i've had the old one i used with the crack and it was always fine. lolz i'm always scared to upgrade bc of the demo thing and the limited time but it works well for you that's nice na ja
  3. eh eh ja, i fulfill requests over here na ja, i can't say the same for over there na
  4. yeah they are rumored together but i think they're just talking not officially out yet heh heh. i think it's bc mint's father is strict heh heh
  5. lolz i prefer mint with boy, wan's face is kinda too fat heh heh. i always hope that she and boy pair up again in a lakorn.
  6. isn't it??? i thought it was the cutest! heh heh
  7. ppl are too lazy to log into a forum they want instant access to info so they can steal it and post it as their own lolz
  8. yeah i sometimes spend forever on fonts bc i go back and forth and can't decide if i want it to be simply or fancier lolz. plus i have a whole bunch of fonts so it takes time to go over it.
  9. have you tried using a different browser? it messed up a lot for me when i used to use IE but now i use firefox and it's fine
  10. noiki


    i remember a long time ago it was hard to record from obizgo too, maybe they're doing that again. i was really mad when i paid and then couldn't record anything, that's why i stuck with iptv. now it's dootv for me
  11. noiki


    yesterday i was able to watch 1 vid, i used safari to watch it. but after i finished that one vid, i couldn't watch the others, they all had "ready" on it. it's kind of annoying since i just renewed mem and they don't have the 30 days on via website anymore.
  12. noiki


    that i already know, it's just when i click on the actual clip itself nothing comes up, always a "ready" i can't even watch those free clips they have on their site either. it's all just "ready" like there's nothing there, but i know there is bc when i click on clips i've watched other days i can't even watch those
  13. noiki


    well the reason i'm using dootv is it's the best quality so far, i've tried those others you've recommended already.
  14. noiki


    dootv isn't working for me right now, it's kinda annoying, i get to watch one show then when i click on another it all goes to "ready" other ppl are having that problem too but the staff hasn't done anything yet.
  15. noiki


    tbt airs at about noon time. thaitv usually had them until, well you know dootv doesn't have tbt, they only have stbt. they don't even have tvpool tonight, just tvpool live.
  16. oh i didn't know you could ask them for the older lakorns, i was still trying to get a few
  17. noiki

    Posts Point

    there are certain forums where you don't gain post points. for example photo section and all dl sections. the reason is bc in the past ppl used to spam every single photo section post just to gain points to access the dl forums. seeing that you post mostly in the gallery, it's no wonder that your post points haven't gone up.
  18. noiki

    mafia tee rak

    lolz Kristy we didn't get passed eps 1. i think we only did 3 parts of eps 1 and stopped.
  19. noiki


    yeah but at least it was the free extra days they gave us from before. mine was supposed to expire sometime in july but bc of their first problems they added those extra days for us. so in essence, they're paying for the rest of my account lolz.
  20. noiki


    dootv's normal quality is around 400kbps anyways so it's in between iptv's regular and hq version lolz. sometimes it's a lot clearer than iptv's hq version dootv is good about resolving stuff, they have a shoutbox on their page and the ppl who work there actually answer your questions. you can type in english but they might type back in thai or sometimes english lolz
  21. noiki


    probably bc someone said they didn't air it in the usual time slot. good thing my mom never bought it, would have been a waste wonder if they're gonna crack down on youtube too lolz
  22. noiki


    how does ch7 provide ent for us abroad folks??? they should set up a legit one for those abroad bc it's so hard even finding good quality ch7 live stream
  23. noiki


    dang...does that mean it'll stop for others too?
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