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  1. lolz but i told you it took me 4 different layouts to get to the one i have now lolz. i try to go for simply and i got mixed up and ended up putting too much so i had to ditch one and start new again. i know what you're feeling Mann lolz i go through it all the time. i think i have 10 layouts i haven't used yet for yui's site bc they're too un-simply i have to go simplify them. yes, 2 sites is hard, but notice how i haven't updated one of them in years??? lolz
  2. awww you're thanking us for complimenting, that's too cute. it's genuine na ja. n'sunny, as weird as it sounds being simple is actually a difficult task lolz, take your time na ja.
  3. awww but i really like yours na ja, it's different. it would be weird to see websites look all the same na ja
  4. very cute na ja, i really like the color, reminds me of watermelons heh heh
  5. yeah, if you are not a paying member, you have a 1gb limit each 24 hrs. After that, you'll be able to dl again.
  6. oh yes, ppl think i exaggerate until they come into my room lolz it's a miracle i'm still alive heh heh
  7. oooh no ja, you don't want these kids' germs, they're mostly smelly germs heh heh
  8. yeah i think the kids are giving me germ sickees. they cough a lot and don't cover sometimes only unless i look at them and tell them. my friend's sick too...i hope i don't get sick, my allergies are already going off i think overall i need rest heh heh
  9. awww that sounds so bad, that your brain hurts a kiss na ka yeah i have this headache towards the back of my head, when i get up too fast it hurts but right now it doesn't, only when i get up
  10. lolz i dunno, i think i was trying to say tonight or last week but it came out weird heh heh, my brain hurts lolz ok, so this past week heh heh
  11. i haven't uploaded recently so i don't know
  12. recently or lately ja Mai?
  13. i signed up so i could track my dls ja, i didn't have to pay, you only pay if you wanna upgrade ja.
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