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DVD Ripper


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To: Sweetie

This is how to use DVD Ripper program, or how I use it *rll*


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Step 1: Go into the program 'DVD ripper' and it should look something like this:


Step 2: Go to the button [DVD]


Step 3: A browse folder should appear, select the folder which contains your dvd. Press OK


Step 4: Something like this should come up, after it loads


Step 5: Go change your output folder, where your converted MPEG will be in after it is finished. So you know where it is hehe


Step 6: Press the red dot to start


Step 7: It should be loading and starting to convert like this, everything else disabled, there will be an estimated time at the bottom to tell you how long it is till it's finished.


That is all *rll*

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Thanks sweets B) . So is this how you convert the video to mp3? I'm still having problems converting to mpeg *rxl*

MP3? lol no this is ripping DVD files from dob into MPEG and than I go in and edit in Window's Movie Maker.

If I wanted the audio of it I just put in timeline in the audio area and save into wma and convert again in MP3 if want.

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lol ok sweetie, the greatest luck, good luck my sister, may it lead you to the success.

I will not be here to support you, I will be asleep, but never fear I will send my soul and dreams all the way to help you. B)

Goodnight ^^

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nong sunny is it how to convert and post YouTube VDO here right? I thought we post the link URL or something to make the VDO show up?? Not sure how to call it?

BTW Thanks you ka.

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