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I order from this site once or twice I think for Aum old lakorns and I got my stuff, HOWEVER my sister ordered once it got to her, but her second time it has been 1 year and still no items, we email them, first time it took them 5 months to reply about 10-20 emails lolz, first was a personal reason and that the shop was stolen so he had to rebuild... we gave him time of course, than he said he'll ship it to us asap.... 3 months later, no item, we email again and this time took a month to reply just because we said we want a refund, emailed back and said he check the tracking number and discovered that the dvds went into a custom check and was destroyed because it was a copy disc... right now it's been over one year and still no progression, I have no idea what's going on, we ask refund and it seem the seller got a problem with it because every time we bring it up he always say this and that happened, honestly if it wasn't over $100 in UK dollar we wouldn't but this is a lot of money and we don't get our stuff. No refund, no product and always something up.

I used to think it's ok now it's 50/50 lolz try the other websites I don't remember which ones lolz let me have a think

oh my goshhhh how many lakorn did ur sister order?

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