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mafia tee rak


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i know it's the wrong place to post this kinda of post here but hear me out:


what happend to this great drama "mafia tee rak"?

why the subs are stopped?

continue the subbing please

i fell for the story, very captivating indeed

the hero's mean & evil (& i love him) *drools*

it's a sad thing when you realize that there are no subs for the rest of the episodes

i'm begging you ... continue

drama lovers all over the world , make this drama see day light , help it get international *plse**plse**plse*

thank you!

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Sorry I can't let you post this topic in the Lakorn section because it does not belong there for whatever reasons.

As for Mafia Tee Ruk if you mean the subs in SpicyFansubs channel we all have lost interest in the lakorn and none of us have time to sub a drama we really not interested in anymore. Hope someone out there who is interested would continue one day for you ^^

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