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Sarnworld forum, troubles.


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IE has some serious issues with the new board software. It has to do with java and all the newer fancier spiffy stuff. I don't understand why IE has to be so problematic. I despise microsoft. Anyway if you use another browser (FF or Safari) it should be smoking fast. Thats til the board software can be updated maybe to be more friendly.

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The skin at SW is nice but not really liking the look of all those windows on the side, it looks messy and confusing lolz lucky I choose version 2 for now.

Hehe the Spicy logo was made after this skin but I don't know why it doesn't match lolz not like it was made before. Maybe we should just purchase a skin lol.

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You know you can make the side windows disappear by clicking the yellow "x" button ;) and I think it can be disabled by default.

As for the skin.. there's many skins for 2.3 that is free



IPB 3 is an incredible software especially adding mods is so easy and just works great. People who add mods really appreciate the new format.

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I know, we're not here as often anymore. I don't know if we want a version 3. lol Plus there are so many things if it's going to be like Sarn that will not be put to use. It will just be a waste.

Hey, so the X was for that? lol I was wondering the X is for but didn't click on it.

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