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This is my first try


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Here the easy way when you want to post the pic that you see from some where every pic out there have their own URL you go to the pic click right on your mouth you find Properties click then you will see Address URL drag the Address copy it and Paste at IMG box here. I will go take a look at your posted. *lol!*

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Copy the URL when you right click properties.

Then you can go to imageshack.us and click on image url. Paste the URL in the box instead of browse. Upload it and you have a new link. Copy and paste the link.

There is so many way to do. YOu can save the picture on to your computer. Go to imageshack.us. Browse and pick the picture then upload it. Then copy and paste the link.

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we have to link URL some time if we keep saving pic and upload to photo host then post here again there like 2-3 steps I like to link URL pic but when I think the site I take not down that often *bellow*

then maybe we can use other free server like IMAGESHACK *snck*

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