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Other websites to buy magazines?


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i wanna know too lol there is pinklemon but omg their magazines are three bucks but shipping are 50 bucks thats so overly done lol

:omg5: omg I thought it was just an error *rll*

what you tried to buy from there too? well I tried the other night and I thought hey this webbie is cheap so at the end the final price my mag was only 13 bucks altogether but shipping was going to be 63 bucks *skc* I was like what the heck I'm not going to pay more shipping than my actual product *rxl**duh*

siambookcenter only deliver in US *war* *war* *war* ethaicd is good but they don't put up every mag *gfa*

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aww I got Oil and Ploy HI cover its such a big book!! almost weight a kg :omg5: unbelievable

I wanted Namfon mag from Kwan Ruen I saw on siambookcenter but don't deliver to AUS only to the US and Namfon Slimming on pinklemon but that wu=ill never happen with such high price shipping lol.

Lucky I was able to get my hands on her latest one in Melbourne here *whew* only for 5 bucks lol no shipping hehe.

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