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Ok I'm still working on it, Hunny bought this domain for me a long time ago and I still haven't updated it yet *bellow* , took me forever haha i had tons of layouts before this one but i still call it version one lol well its kinda sucky but its for my favorite dara and many other dara depend on if i have time i'll make their own webpage but big thanks to tina too for helping me with the domain thing or else that ugly ad would be on there forever *rxl*


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..thanks noiki i feel special since its coming from a great web designer *em:P*

lol i know n'grace haha haven't had time to "tell the world" but now i have to keep updating

:Spicy_05: you're too much ja lolz

yeah the thing about the website is the updating part. i've been bad regarding both mine, i've pretty much abandoned it lolz. best wishes to yours tho na ja

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