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  1. Guys I’ve been busy lately! Since I consider you guys my online family! I had to share this news! I won teacher of the year today! ❤️

    1. Sunny


      Congrats!! :368959bc81nd29tx: been missing you around here, hope to see you more often na ka khun Khru :Spicy_05:

    2. kjc1994


      ขอบคุณพี่ซันนี่มาก ๆ *lu*

  2. Happy anniversary!!! I joined in 2008 and crazy I was only 13 back then! It’s like I grew up with this forum. I was only a middle schooler going to high school when I first joined, and now I’ve been a kindergarten teacher for four years! Crazy how time flies. I stopped getting on forums for 3-4 years when I went to college but now I’m back. I’m glad I still get to communicate with everyone after all these years!
  3. ^^You're welcome Anyways we have a new banner and skin credits to me. The banner is not the best but oh wells
  4. Wow nice job! I'm going to go look at it. I've been so busy with finals lately so I didn't ever see this till now lol.
  5. P'Mannie I love the new look very pretty
  6. here you go. :( http://forum.patpor-affection.com New URL.
  7. http://z11.invisionfree.com/LoveJanie
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