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Spicy Fansubs Youtube Channel

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It's not that scary they said. lol yeah we should sub that movie. GOOD one. I would love to do it.heheh Anything Oil and Aum. hahaha

oh look I'm going to add SPicysub to my youtube friend. lol how weird, I want to change my username since I randomly just put Patchrapa. *<ha* I don't want that name anymore it's too umm Patchrapa. lol

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Thank you for the add ka hehe I'm first !! *<ha*

I hate youtube it gives me stresses, I cant upload anything and seems like no one is a help *yay* I called the phone company, my net company and my cousin who graduated from a com degree, blah I dont know what else to do, and I dont want to do anything to fix it anymore tried alot its tiring me out.

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so you want me to add patchrapa then? or you going to make a new name?

oh add that.lol I'm not going to change since I have lots of video upload on it. lol

I just used that name because I thought I never going to upload anything but at the end I did and I just kind of want to change my username. lol But it's okay. haha

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