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*rll* Why can't I burn Japanese drama .avi file out of my computer? I tried Roxio and umm Sonia. *lol!* GOSH, I hate this. DVD or even VCD, I can't even add the clip to the program to burn. *nthu*

*erj* I'm having the same problem, that's why I'm looking at perhaps converting the files *rxl* but that doesnt seem to work either *snck*

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*rll* yeah I tried that too but it doesn't work *lol!* I can burn data but not if I burn out as video that I can watch it on tv. *snck*

okay my sister can burn out her chinese drama that she dl from VEOH and it's .avi file as well. I can't however for all my video.

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I don't know if you guys have tried ConvertXtoDVD... I usually use that to convert my avi files into DVD format for the TV... Even WinAVI works too... I've never really use Nero, only when I need to back up my files or burn pictures...

I think ConvertXtoDVD is compatible to Vista too, I used to have Vista for my laptop, but it still wasn't reconizing alot of my programs, so I changed back to XP...

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I use anyvideoconvertor. Its the bomb. It just converts downloads youtube videos straight to the encoding that you want or converts the flv file into the format that you want. No need to watch youtube. It just requires the youtube url and wah-la. It is on your computer file. Its a pity that this program doesn't come with the music converter too. It just converts the video but not the audio ARGHH! Oh by the way this version that I have is free too. No register online or 2-minute samples. Just a no-thanks button and you're done.

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