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[News] Kwan don't care, Who did Fai post picture to carp at ?


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Awkward moment happen when Fai Nichanan post a picture of glass, and write caption that #Don't touch #If don't be blame #Glass in Wedding Phobia,

after she came back from wedding ceremony of Bebe Thanchanok and Boom. Everyone thought that she mean of Kwan Usamanee who used to argue with her,

because Kwan go to this wedding ceremony too.

Later, seen her at Komchadluek Award Event, so we don't miss to ask her about this, and she replied back that let ask someone who did it better.

Later, Fai Nichanan post a picture that like to link with old topic

Kwan : I don't know because I didn't see that, so I can't ask you because it's other one doing. Someone who did it can ask the best answer.

You saw that by yourself or someone told you?

Kwan : Someone told that, but I think it's most unlikely because it passed for long times.

That caption link with you?

Kwan : You must ask her. I don't interest about that.

How your feel with that caption

Kwan : It's so funny.(laugh)

Are you angry?

Kwan : I think I work on my job better, I don't mess up with someone else

Do you met her in wedding ceremony

Kwan : Nope, I lived in my friend group only. I rarely mess up with other one.

Do you need to clear up with her?

Kwan : (Shake her head)

That topic is passed for long times, but someone link it with you

Kwan : I don'y know about business of other one. In my personal, I have my own working and my friend group that it's enough.

You must ask someone who did it what reason do they did?

Do you annoy when any one think that is you?

Kwan - About my feeling, I'm not interesting.

It's like this topic not over, do you afraid that adult will call you for talking?

Kwan - You must ask adult, and now it has nothing

Do you see or talk with her?

Kwan - Nope

Credit : Sanook




Ps. Previously, it has news of Kwan and Fai that Kwan splash alcohol at Fai's face in Cee - Amy wedding party, but then Fai admitted that she slop alcohol to Kwan's skirt.

Now, she and Kwan attend Bebe's wedding ceremony together. Then Fai post picture of glass and and caption that mean to carp at someone. It make people thinking of Kwan

who has a news with her before.

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We were pretty active translating articles for sugar at that time, and not once were the two ever linked. Om usually claims that his naek is his type because he crushes on them all, but for Kwan when asked if shes his type, his answer was....I would need time to determine if shes my type. Im confident the two didnt make news together

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