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[Pictures] Tik J. and Family Launching Littlefoxclub Debut Collection


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I also think that a necklace with a small picture of loved one inside the locket would be nice. A ring with picture is unique but I prefer a diamond ring with no picture please.

Anyway, Tik and Littlefoxclub gang went to Good Morning Nangfah show. Didn't know that Ann Alicia's expecting. Look like the baby will be due soon. Congrats to her and her husband.



Those heels are pretty high



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Peach launched her new book, I Heart You Baby Journal & Book, at the Thailand Baby & Kids Best Buy event



3Zaap show

cr:Polyplus Entertainment

Happy Birthday to Tik. He turned 39 on June 5th.


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it was like the first ever sighting into their life together it didn't seem as bad as I or we thought, at least I think hahaa I thought that they'll give a more of a distance sort of vibe but it wasn't so.. it was OK lol!

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I think most of shorter Thai female stars around 5'4" and up wear them. Yeah Min loves them because it make her look taller because she is probably one of the short shorter nangek. I heard Gybzy Wanida is probably the shortest nangek standing at 5 feet tall.

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