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Goodbye Spicy


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OMG. Tinah, that was just a small matter. *sc^* It wasn't like we haven't been through this before.

I thought you wouldn't be a person to feel this sensitive. We were just curious what 2 lakorns Jui audition for. We are not going to kill you for it.

I have people questioning where I get my information from too.

We do appreciate all the updates you made. No one will deny that. And we're all bias in our own way and it's not going to kill us all.

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I've already posted a message in the Jui thread, but it doesnt hurt to comment here too lol.

Tinah how can you quit spicy? You are spicy's ultimate member *<ha* kidding aside, I will say that we do appreciate all the hard work that you put into updating us. And unlike some members that leave and we're totally fine with, you're one member that we would regret losing. Although we dont agree with some of the things you say, doesnt mean we dont value you as a member. Heck we dont even agree with each other, but it's not a rule to agree right?

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Okay, hmm it seems it happened quickly because I feel like I was gone for only a day and your quitting already, Tinah.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling like you belonged here and feeling unappreciative, we've been through so much together before, I think this matter this time was rather small than what we've been through in the past. Well it's ashamed you'll be one member that we will regret loosing out of others that choose to leave. When your more calm or cooled down your welcome to return, we all move on.

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