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  1. I just want to say Thank you for having me here although I've been through so much with some of the staffs, but it was fun while it lasted. Have a good life and best of luck to everyone.
  2. can someone please pinned up Mint Chalida's name for "Neu Mek 2" along with Off Pongpat, Pim Sonya, Top,
  3. can someone pinned up Joy R name for the new lakorn "Rak Kun Tao fah" with ken
  4. punyachon kon krua starring kim kimberly and mak prin for channel 3
  5. names of the 4 new n'eks of the "sixth sense" series of ch3 Krissie Suksawat,Wawwa Nichari Chokprajakchat,Eye Kamolned Ruengsri,Kat Nicharat Morson
  6. ch3 lakorn "hong sabut lai" n'ek is janie
  7. can someone take out ploy's name for the lakorn "hong sabud lai" with por cause she pulled out of the lakorn thanks
  8. n'eks for "Ruk Khun Tao Fah" is Araya, Aom Phiyada, and Cherry khemupsorn. thank you
  9. can someone add margie rasee's name on "rak gerd nai talod sode" with mario
  10. the n'ek for "Mae Yai Tee Rak" for Ch3 is Pream Ranida. can someone add her name on there please
  11. hey shamp, her full name is Marie Broenner
  12. ^^i couldnt hear her full name clearly on the clip. sounds like her last name was pronounce as bernard yea, kol ruk luang jai is airing on aug 31st but sunny mistakenly put "rang ngao"
  13. n'ek for new lakorn of ch3 "waew mayura" has been changed to marie
  14. Okay I'll do that tonight thanks sunny but i think shampoo done it already
  15. can someone pin up Mart Kritsada's name for new lakorn "Qi Pao" with Anne. and "Rang Ngao" is starring Janie Tienpusawan & Ken Phoupom
  16. oh i see. i was wondering why yours and sunnys were green too lol
  17. hey tipstar, i notice your color changed.
  18. thanks Dal. please come join barry-yayas new fanclub page! get latest news and info regarding them and their lakorns.
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