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  1. Prang Kannarun has gorgeous hair. Wondering what shampoo she uses. Pretty jealous of her thick silky hair.

  2. Currently fin William Chan and Zhao Yi Lin. They're such an awesome couple.

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    2. Sherrie


      Right, and I actually went back to watch their first pairing in legend of Zu. They has so many kisses rofl. I still can't believe she's almost 30 but she looks like twenty something

    3. NinjaKKN


      She has a very youthful cute face. I thought she was 18 at first. Lol There are so many Chinese actresses and actors that look much younger than their ages.

    4. aikoden


      Yes, more WC & ZLY shippers. I love the two, they're adorable! I love their bts interactions too.

  3. I didn't know Jaja Primrita had such a nice voice. She's so skinny too on the masked singer show. Her voice is just awesome

  4. Did Tum the star have an affair? Is that why him and his wife broke up? They haven't been married for long though.

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    2. NinjaKKN


      @Thip...Not the same Tum. Lol

    3. Sherrie


      Unbelievable. He said he was working very hard accepting lots of work so he could support his family. I guess when some people think they've got a good stand in ET, they think they're all that.

    4. Thip


      lol thanks ninja

  5. I swear, Seua Chanee Gayn is such a hilarious sitcom especially the exaggeration with Ying and Aof rolf.

  6. Has anyone use Pinnacle Studio before? Is it a good film editing program?

  7. Rewatching Rak Dai Mai Ta Huajai Mai Pian on yr. totally missed it. But if they do a remake, it won't be as good as cheer and Kade's version.

    1. cheercee


      Are they going to remake it too?

      Totally love this lakorn..

  8. In one of Pooklook's vid on wwywy, she said she's been contacted by Bollywood for a film. Pinky wasn't working for Bollywood, right?

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    2. xiong123


      Pinky was doing a Tamil film. Bollywood is mainly Hindi.

    3. Sherrie


      It's kinda low in production wise. Poor look claims its Bollywood for her. Maybe it's use some low end production or Tamil

    4. nanthao


      ann mitchai is also another thai dara that went to bollywood. i think shes more successful compare to pinky.

  9. I saw on facebook of Kwan standing next to some officers and a car accident from a newspaper. Anyone know what happened? Did she get into an accident?

    1. aiwamo


      No, she just go to the police.Someone posted a porn video on a website,and said that was kwan and chakrit.

  10. What's up with Kwan and Daisy regarding an event? Anyone know

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    2. m3lhouse


      According to daisy, kwan demanded to be paid before working. But daisy says they've worked together before and that's not part of their agreement. so kwan refused to finish working the event and kinda walked off. Kwan says she wished she had evidence for her side... if you go to thaich2 channel on youtube, they interview daisy. kwan refuse to speak details about the incident.

    3. NinjaKKN


      Kwan didn't work off. She finished the event despite not getting her pay before the event as promised. There's even picture of Kwan on stage at the event so obviously Daisy is lying.

    4. Sherrie


      thanks gals for the info. I saw the photos of kwan on stage. I don't think Kwan is that unprofessional. Kwan's job was to appear at the event once on stage promote and end. But Daisy wanted Kwan to go back on stage again for second round? She said something about fans calling for her again.

  11. I wonder if we have a lakorn discussion for Look Mai Lai Ruk starring Dream Natanop and Fai. I can't find it anywhere or I must be blind

    1. Mai


      You can start a thread Sherrie

  12. I am heads over heels with the drama, Buang starring Nest and Good. Although it is a True4U channel, it is a must see! It is a vengence/romantic/tradgedy/horror drama. In nangek's past life, she had a child and was killed, about a decade or two later, she was born as nangek (shared the same body of a 20 something year old business woman. When the other person inside of her woke up after being shut for so long, it seems to taken control of her body to seek revenge from Praek's uncl...

  13. Am I blind or what. I can't seem to find a section on the lakorn "Buang Maan" starring Nest AF9, Good Chayapol Panhakarn, Tao Somchai etc. Anyone know if there's a topic on that already? It just Aired in August

    1. NinjaKKN


      Here's the True Channel. This lakorn is uploaded here.


    2. Sherrie


      Thanks Ninja! Btw, do you know if we have a topic on that drama here on Spicy?

  14. What's up with Kwan and Fai? They fought or something. I couldn't understand the news...

    1. Thip


      Kwan looked really annoyed and it seem like she was about to cry too. Idk i think something did really happen between them and i dont think it was an innocent accident either regarding Faai and Kwan during the wedding

    2. shampoo


      This is still going on? News had it that Kwan and Fai are fighting over Om ahahah So, Kwan spill the drink on Fai but Fai said it was herself that accidentally spill on Kwan. It only touch a bit of her dress. I thought it was a real accident. But I don't follow up so I don't know.

    3. Noydarny80


      They both denied that ever happen. But they said they are not fighting. Only reason she was pull out from Kwan's recent lakorn because her role is similar to hua Jai Teun.

  15. Anyone know any Vietnamese? I wanted someone to translate this: đừng bỏ mặc em bơ vơ trong sầu nhớ, đừng làm tim em thêm nhói đau vì anh, đừng để thời gian xóa hết những kỉ niệm, đừng để khoảng cách chia đôi duyên tình ta.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. icyplace


      Dear Sherrie, this is my translation,you can change it if you think something 's not closed to your words

      Don't let me suffering the lonely of missing you

      Don't let my heart hurting more b/c of you

      don't let time erasing all our memories

      Don't let anything to separate our love

    3. nguco19892012


      I'm Vietnam, this may be accurate trans for you:

      Don't let me lonely in missing.

      Don't make my heart more painful

      don't let time erase our memories

      Don't let distance separate us

    4. nguco19892012


      Thank for loving VN music.

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