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  1. i meant to say on this site i can't use private messages.
  2. this is peaches from asianfuse. i think got ban from asianfuse lol now even on the site i can't use private messages. i try to login with an iphone or create another account it didn't work. i type in random name and password, i got the same driver error message. help
  3. Paula


    all i do is once replay media catcher start to record, i would exit whatever is playing and open another one to record. you don't have to leave the window open. it still record once you logout from dootv too. i usually record up to 5 lakorns all at one time. it save so much time. about the file being corrupted. all you have to do is preview it with flv player. left click on the recording and play to see if the recording matches with the streaming time. if not cancel/delete and start to record again. for example, correct one http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8UNN4Y7T you'll see around 9 seconds is when you see tye and donut show up. wrong http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQA9TBG5
  4. Paula


    i'm trying out the demo version of replay media catcher and it does work but not with windows internet explorer. the recording time is super slow.
  5. Paula


    i got version 9 and 14 running at the same time
  6. Paula


    for me it was working for 5 days. now not working ^_^ next up i'm trying replay media catcher and wm capture
  7. Paula


    wm recorder 14 finally works today. i can now record again from dootv. the recording time is much faster too. for this lakorn http://hotfile.com/dl/42080059/8029ced/hon..._18end.flv.html it takes less than 5 minutes to record the entire thing. i use real player sp to play the flash video.
  8. Paula


    what about http://www.ethaitv.tv/ how the quality. the page setup look like thait.tv
  9. Paula


    yesterday when dootv switced over to flash player with some of the newest lakorn episode i was able to record. i guess dootv put a block so people can't save now. with wm recorder 14 its suppose to record any streaming video including youtube and flash video.
  10. Paula


    i don't want start another topic so here goes. since yesterday i was able to record from dootv http://www.mydootv.tv/home.php with wm recorder 14 but now nothing. is anyone having that problem or is just me?
  11. yup, the fast upload could happen. yesterday i've uploaded 116mb on megaupload that finish within seconds
  12. strange...i put in www1, www2, www3 it all goes through
  13. http://www2.thaitv.tv/TH/default/default.aspx?out=1
  14. so how the downloaded/streamed speed for dootv when using wm recorder? is it fast like iptv? iptv is working for me
  15. i'm waiting for google to comfirm that sarnworld is safe. until then i'm not going on sarnworld with the computer but with a PSP which loads so slow. i've restored my computer 2 times just this couple of days.
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