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  1. zoe

    A new fan of Thai

    Thanks for introduce your youtube channal i would be your audience in future
  2. zoe

    A new fan of Thai

    Thanks for help your intriduction were a great help for me to getting closer to lakorn i might go there often to find what's new coming recently your SPICY FORUM and another SARNWORLD were both great place for lakorn fans we can find so many great files from here and of coz thanks to internet that's the main reason that we can get in touch with another place of the world i should be here usually
  3. I am a new fan of Thai entertainment ,actully ,i used to watch Dramas/Movies of western countries(such as American &Europen&Frennce,of cos,with subs all the time), and east from some countries,just like Japan,Korean,which is popular in our Chinese courty only, oh,yes,and plus a little singapoo Drama,but,only 1,ore 2 series in fact. I knew few about Thailand,and so as to there dramas of movies, before the end of 2008,i never thought that i would crash on thai things,such a strange country to me .(a person never went aboard,and maybe would naver forever ). My first thai crash,was the
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