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  1. We have open registration to Spicy. So we will have an influx of new members coming in. Just in case some people haven't seen it, we posted an announcement at Sugar Daily, accepting new members. For the people who are lurkers here and would like to register please post a request at Sugar Daily. Remember, no usernames that includes a star name, like Yaya20. For the new members here, Welcome to Spicy. We hope to see you around posting and being part of our community.
  2. Welcome! From Hong Kong? The "birthplace" of James Ma lol
  3. Lol you could have just gotten your password resent, unless you just forgot your username as well
  4. We been having that problem for a couple weeks now. Sunny said she fixed it, but I don't think it worked. When you see that message, just refresh the page, and you should see your post. A lot of people have been double , triple posting thinking their post didnt go through.
  5. Welcome To Spicy Enken and Ruklakorn. @ Kimix, are there any other threads that you can't reply to ? Cause I see even newbie members can reply to the download section. I also went to check to see if newbie members have any restrictions and I can only see that you are not allowed to create a new thread, unless you have 15 posts, this is to avoid spam bots. I think Mai will have to figure this one out. Any other members have problems viewing the photo sections? Please post here
  6. Lol @disapprove. I like it better anyways, now we can call you kim instead of dthai lol
  7. You made it lol, welcome! We just open registration at Spicy a couple hours ago. Guess you wanted that name rather than your other one lol.
  8. Yeah we been having problems with the boards lately. Once you post even though it doesn't look like it worked, it did. Just refresh and go in the topic again and you will see your post.
  9. Thanks girls
  10. Thanks Kiz
  11. Thanks Tip
  12. Thanks Tipstar!
  13. Thanks Sunyah and thank you Tip. It's not a bother at all, it keeps the forum organized, so it's always very much appreciated. Thanks girls
  14. Oh goodness, I didnt see it yesterday, just saw it now, dont know why. Thanks pinkdisney, I fixed it
  15. Lol Tip, hope you been doing well too, thanks for the update
  16. Lol I didn't see one? Or are you talking about the little animated witch?
  17. Thanks Thip
  18. Thanks for the updates girls, much appreciate it
  19. Thanks Sleepy
  20. We are not opened for new registrations right now, still having problems with spam. I'm not sure what you are trying to say? Private messages should be working here, unless you mean at AF?
  21. Thanks Tipstar
  22. you might go to the same school as her lol
  23. I see everything fine on my phone
  24. It seems like its taking spicy a while to load, seems extra slow today, anyone else experiencing this? I tried going to other sites and it seems fast.