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Hi everybody,

I have just finished converting my first episode of Song Sanae Ha from DVD ( avi i suppose into WMV ) cuz i'd to share it in the forum, the final size is of my WMV is 1.27G. I was to upload by sendspace and this message appears:

***Sorry, the file exceeds the maximum allowed size of 300MB.

Please make sure the file you are uploading does not exceed the maximum allowed size. You may need to compress/zip the file before attempting to upload again.


Could somebody please tell what do i have to do after this or how do i have to do then and with wich program?

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I'm so sorry but i'm not sure if i was clear. I mean that i want to know how to compress/zip the file because most of the file that everybody post in dl forum, i noticed that their size is normally between 160 mb to 170 mb ( sometimes ).

thanx again.

Have you converted the file to wmv yet? If it's already converted, you can open those files in 'windows movie maker' that's default program on most computers. Open those files drag it into the timeline and you can chose how large you want the final size will be. I'm not good with instructions, so I might not make any sense *rxl*

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wow 1G is huge for a file to dl, it would take forever. quality is good but if you convert it to about 500kbps it would still be pretty good quality and the file will be around 400 or so.

The one i choose is 768 kbps. I don't 500 like choice. Less than 768 is 384. Is it ok too Noiki?

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yeah, 384 is pretty good still. think about it this way, most of the lakorns on iptv/doozija and the other sites are only ~256kbps. The quality is viewable but not the best, anything a little higher than that is pretty good and the size is still manageable to dl ja

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