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New Spicy Staff Legend Colours


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I think the colours should change lol

It should be in a rainbow order

Like red orange yellow green blue purple etc

Some of the colours are too bright, it could hurt someone :L

Just a suggestion (:

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Lol not like that

Like new colours :L

But in a rainbow order

haha i dont know

im just bored

well the senior member and the advanced member

Lol i cant read them :L

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Nah we don't wanna be in colourful order lolz

Anyways no I don't think we'll change, I think it's light for some and dark for some and bright for some because of the forum skin, it depends on which skin colour we have to sometimes (back when we used to change skin every seasons but now we don't change often anymore), so if we have darker skin colour those light/bright people will become more visible to the eyes.

If you wanna be visible, start getting active, become an Elite Member *gg**sy*

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wait if you can't read them then they're not bright enough. The only bright color is yellow which is okay. It only hurt the eyes if there is a whole bunch of replies from them everywhere.

I want to change the skin but no one is demanding enough for it. <_<

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