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Mai kor... (Leurd hong mv)


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well, i have a translation of this song and noiki has up the mv for us so i wonder if i sub it and up it in mega or any website like this if someone can up it on youtube instead of me? why? i'm too lazy to create an account on youtube and up only one video. i've seen spicyfansubs has the other mv in her channel.

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oie, i sub it in french for a french's forum. do you know french people just discover thai lakorns with "jam leuy rak" and "sawan bieng"? they're become fans but people only sub ch3's lakorns. i've subbed "boope leh ruk" for my friend and she loves it; now she wants me to sub an other aum's lakorn.

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ouf, i made it! "sadtree tee lok luerm" opening credit is subbed!!! thanks spicyforum. i'll add the link to dl it on mega when i'll finish my up. you can up it on your channel now. i use the opening of Ntry but i put the song instead of original audio. there's no logo and i use divx 6 codec.

ps: i've checked spicyfansubs and you don't have this video.

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