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Help Using Virtuadub


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I did everything thats written here quote nai_1_1 @ SW

Virtual Dub: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Virtualdub

VSFilter (AKA VobSub Plug-In): http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VSFilter_DirectVobSub

SubStation Alpha:Substation alpha

First off, you have to download virtual dub and the vsfilter, extract it from the zip file using winrar and place it on your desktop or whatever. Do not run the program from winrar because I don't know, I didn't work for me lol.

Once you downloaded both, open the vsfilter file and move the plug-in labeled VSFilter.dll into the virtual dubs plug in folder. This is very important! Don't say i didn't tell you.

got through everything done already but when it comes to the filter thing . I don't see the option for Textsub. I delete and download over and over again. but still nothing show up.


Am I missing something?


I figure it out :030:

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i do like this:

virtualdub/ subtitler/ ssa files and avi's files of course!

put subtitler in your virtualdub's plug in

1) open virtualdub

2)video, full processing mode

3)open your avi file

4)audio, direct stream copy

5)video, filter, add, subtitler, your ssa file, preview, ok

6)video, compression, choose your codec (xvid or divx) ok

wait a little and you obtain an avi sub!

http://fs06u.sendspace.com/processupload.html = subtitler

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