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In "Topic Title"

1. Post full lakorn title

2. Include production company if known in brackets....if the company has a parent company please state that before stating the company....for example

"Two in One" is under Polyplus...so in the lakorn title should be (Polyplus - Two in One)

people are not familar with Two in One, but familar with the parent company. This makes it less confusing.

In "Top Description"

1. List na'ek and pra'eks names in full,

2. List any supporting if necessary

3. If the pranangs are unconfirmed, DO NOT list the pranangs as if they've already been offered and accepted the lakorn

If the lakorn is yet to be confirmed, please put unconfirmed in brackets [] or ()

In topic post:

1. Please provide a link to the source, a link to the news. Credit when credit is owed.

2. Any confirmation must be accompanied by a link to the news. We dont want hearsay.

*note* please post an empty reply when starting a thread, include only a smilee, then in the second post, add your comment.


We reserve the right to delete any threads started without adequate information and credit. Any threads started without a link to the news confirming the project will either be moved or deleted.



1. You may take pictures, but you must upload onto your own server. Credit where credit is due. If you chose to take and share at another forum, credit accordingly

credit to _____ @ Spicyforum

URL link to the source of the picture

2. You may take clips, but again you must upload onto your own server. Credit where credit is due. If the clip is posted on youtube and you'd like to share the link, please provide a link to this forum where the link to the youtube is provided. DO NOT post the youtube link uploaded by the members here at another forum

3. DO NOT post any information such as summaries, spoilers, translated news, updates on lakorn air dates at other forums without authorization from Spicy admins/staffs assistants or VIPs

Any of the following posted by the admins, staffs or VIPs is meant to be for SpicyForum only. If you want to share, you may provide a url link to Spicy where the info is posted, but you MAY not use the material as if you've already had authorization to do so.

- These rules are affective as of today. If you have already posted summaries posted by admins/staffs, assistants or vips without authorization, please remove immediately.

- Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban for up to 30 days, if not deletion of username.

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