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[News] Alek Admits Distance from Joy


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This is the most awkward and hilarious couple split interview I've ever seen... TKBT does a news piece with Alek's interview about them being distant and denies that Prang was a 3rd hand... ( Prang "accidentally" shared news on her fb or something that Alek and Joy broke up so people were trying to attach her to the triangle somehow? something like that) So they're showing Alek's interviewing, while keeping a split screen with Joy's reactions and she's just having a good time! hahahaha omg... She's like giggling at some or his response and they bounce back and interview her too while she's co hosting the news ahahaha ....is she a heart breaker or what!? I don't think she's ever been dumped right? And every guy who dates her were always SPRUNG ahahaha But I didn't see them lasting at all...


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It becomes awkward when you're dating under the "koojin" umbrella. Now that you've broken up, if you admit that you're no longer together then you pretty much lied about not being an item earlier and if you say that you haven't broken up, then you're exposing the fact that you're dating. Haha. Joy and Lek's answers were very general and vague because they're caught in lies all over. Lol

Joy is a tough cookie. Lek still has his whole career ahead of him.

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This couple was strange...the signs are all there but they still act like the audiences are so stupid. Well I heard Joy is not looking for marriage she is looking for companionship because she have one goal in life. Eventually she is going to become a Nun. For Alek and she is a perfect arrangement because Alek is not looking for marriage or children.

Her relationship ended with Note because he wants marriage and have kids. Note did try to change her mind but I guess he can't take it anymore because they both getting older.

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I think Joy clarified that Nun rumor. She said she has never said that. It was Nott who said that about her when they broke up. He said it sarcastically that seems like Joy may head that way and then people just ran with it. Haha. I've seen both interviews.

Joy wants to get married and start a family after dating Lek, so comes to show that it was just Nott who Joy was unwilling to marry and begin a life with.

Seems like Lek cheated on her or they're not exactly in good terms because Joy's sister posted something on her IG about it.

Anyway, best of luck to both.

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